” What does an average Nigerian married woman do with her salary ? ” … Iberosi Amaka.

According to a Facebook user, Amaka, a woman who has a husband who takes care of the financial responsibility of the family should save more than a single woman who does everything for herself..

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“A married woman will save more than a single lady earning the same salary ”
Anytime I make the above quote you will see all these married women coming to argue it with me . A SINGLE lady pays her rent , electricity bill , feeding , transportation , clothing , buys her toiletries , repairs anything that damages at home, still send money home to her parents etc all by herself .

What does an average Nigerian marrried woman do with her salary ? Majority of them ,their husbands pay rent alone , pay children’s school fees alone , bring money for feeding , do any repair at home , buy fuel for the generator and car , still give them money for up keep etc .
So why won’t such women save more money than a single girl doing evrything for herself ?

Some will say ,” eeh we buy kids cloths” , madam how many times do you buy kids cloths ? How many times do you assist your husband in paying the bills ? A SINGLE lady does it alone ! Who or what eats your money madam ! Tell us.

I am aware that some women are married to men who do nothing or men who take money from them always by force or by trick . I know some women are actually the bread winners of their homes directly or indirectly , such women at least have a case. YOU may not save much when you are married to such men .

But women whom their husbands don’t take money from them or who have husbands who are doing all I listed above should be able to save almost all their salaries or income every month . You have no reason not to save and establish something by yourself .

Everything should not be My HUSBAND this My HUSBAND that .

Try and do things by yourself sometimes when you are working and earning money, Husband won’t kill himself for you .

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