Breaking News: Plane crash kills at least 9 people on board in Oahu.(photos)


Nine people have lost their lives in a fiery plane crash on US Hawaiian island Oahu.

The plane was said to be on a skydiving trip in Oahu when it crashed landed and bursted into flames.

Wrecked Plane

The king Air twin engine plane with 9 people on board went down near Dillingham Airfield with no survivors , Hawaii Department of Transportation tweeted .

Wrecked Plane. Source:

According to Honolulu Fire Department Chief Manuel .P. Neves, the plane crash is the most ‘tragic’ aircraft incident.

In my 40 years as a firefighter here in Hawaii, this is the most tragic aircraft incident that we’ve had.

Upon arrival, we saw the plane fully engulfed in fire. The first crews on scene extinguished the fire, Neves told reporters at the scene, about an hour’s drive north of Honolulu.

The details of the flight are still unknown but witnesses said the plane was landing at the airport when the crash occurred.

Investigations have been launched to determine the cause of the crash .

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