Corps member narrates how she was molested by a conductor.


A popular Instagram entertainer, Tarah_Dulzarah has narrated her ordeal in the hands of a conductor in charge of the bus she boarded from Onitsha, Anambra State.

According to her, she said the man tried touching her V*gina while she was inside the bus.

Her story;

This B*stard right here molested today. He touched me in my V*gina. Not my butt(he f*cking placed his hands on my V*gina or what do you call the frontal part of my privates?)
I went for my monthly clearance at my local government in Onitsha and was on my way back to Asaba when this happened at the park at Upper Iweka. He was walking close towards me and as soon as he got close to me, he touched me. I gave him a very hot slap with my hands and slippers. I don’t deserve this. I feel raped, used and worse. Why? Why would you touch me without my consent? I was fully dressed in my Nysc uniform. Those boys always do this. I am beyond mortified typing this but I don’t have a choice but to say something. I’m scared, My Vjay doesn’t feel right. Something’s not right. Please I need to find this man. I sought help at the army cantonment but he was gone by the time we got there. I am so mad and scared.

I was shaking when I typed the first post, So here is the full story. I went to the park to board the bus, the conductors started dragging me here and there so I decided to enter one, as I was going towards the bus, the man was coming towards me and touched me. After rendering him the slaps and some of the men there pacifying me, I entered a bus and tried to take his picture, that’s what you saw in this first picture. I was still boiling, so as the bus moved, I asked the driver to stop at Zenith bank, I had the intention to involve the authorities. So I made a withdrawal, went back to the park, I wanted to get a clearer picture of him and I did, that’s the second picture. Then I went to the cantonment and got 2 army men but when we got there, he was gone, I was put in a bus and came back home. I see your comments✌🏻

Below are pictures of the Conductor;

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