Four Nigerians arrested for torturing house help in Ghana (photos)


Four Nigerians living at East Legon were arrested on Tuesday September 10 and handed over to Accra police for torturing and disfiguring their Ghanaian house help.

One of the people who rescued the victim, Shaibu Abubakar, said the victim’s cries while he was being battered attracted him to the scene.

Joy News’ Latif Iddrisu reported that the victim’s head had increased to about twice its original size before he got help.

We heard the victim crying out saying ‘this evening they are going to bury me in a septic tank.’
“When we rescued the boy his head was like the head of three of us put together. And his arm had become like those of four people put together.
“They had beaten him so much. What the Nigerians have done today??? Shaibu said.

It was learnt that effort to gain access into the apartment was met by stiff resistance by the Nigerians.

One of the rescuers who sustained a bottle wound in his palm, said he was told by the Nigerians that he was interfering in a private matter.

However, the Nigerians were overpowered after community members were mobilized to the scene of the incident.

The mob who later forced their way into the house vandalized four cars and properties belonging to the Nigerians after rescuing the victim.

They were subsequently handed over to the police who came in later after initially ignoring distress calls.

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