Kwale Woman Rep Zuleikha Hassan kicked out of parliament after walking in with baby(video )

Kenyan lawmaker, Zulekha Hassan was on Wednesday disgraced and ordered out of the National Assembly for disrupting a parliamentary session.

The breasting feeding mother was told to leave Kenyan House of Representatives after she walked in with a baby.

National Assembly presiding Speaker and Luanda Member of Parliament Chris Omulele who ordered her out of the chambers termed her move as “unprecedented”.

Kwale Woman Representative Zuleikha said she had an emergency that’s why she came to parliament with the baby and suggested that a mother’s room be put in place to curb such situations.

I have tried really hard not to come with the baby, but today I had an emergency; what was I supposed to do?

“If there was a room, a crech or a nursery room, I’d be able to then put my baby, said Zulekha.

She continued:

Today, I had an emergency, what was I supposed to do? Miss parliament? That’s why I just came with her.

I knew I would be staying here just for a while and later when my situation is better, I would go. But if there was a room or a creche or nursery, I would then be able to put my baby there.

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