Nigerian man drags a slay queen, who used his toilet and left it unflushed, out on Twitter


A Nigerian man has taken to his Twitter page to lambaste a lady who visited his home, used his toilet and left it unflushed.

The man with the handle @OlaOfLife said he accommodated the Abuja-based lady in his house during her trip to Lagos for the NBA conference, but that she left the toilet in the guest room unflushed after using it and littered the floor with used tissue paper.

He further disclosed that he had to bring it to Twitter after she blocked him over a chat in which he told her of her ‘wrongdoing’.

His tweets read ;

I offered your twitter WCM who came from Abuja for the NBA conference in Lagos and needed somewhere to stay in Lekki my guest room. I have just found out she left the toilet unflushed and left used toilet paper littered on the floor. I feel angry and provoked. Pig in weavon I am actually so pissed tonight. Worse still she’s not picking her calls. What kind of animal is this?

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