Producers want to have s*x with me before giving me a movie role – Actress Chesan Nze

Actress Chesan Nze has threatened to name producers insisting on bedding her before giving her movie roles .

She said why she hardly feature in movies is because most of the male movie producers just want to have s*x.

She said they are ready to frustrate and drain female entertainers emotionally and physically.

She said should they continue to insist on sleeping with ladies, she will expose them.

She wrote “This is for those producer’s who insist on s*x for roles. I am simple and understanding but so many male producer’s in this industry of entertainment will frustrate you emotionally and physically, I wish to share my challenges to the world today. To be an ENTERTAINER in Nigeria without a rich background or support system will drain you mentally and physically. 90% of Nollywood is a ‘fucking industry’, 10% are genuine but the rest just want your PUSS* before they work and also use you.

The reason why I barely feature in movies constantly is cause most producer’s want to f**k you before giving you a ‘damn role’ and pay you for fucking you and using you. I won’t list names but trust me the industry is not a decent industry. WARNING TO ALL PUSS* PRODUCERS. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO WORK WITH GOOD ACTOR’S DON’T CONTACT ME, ELSE I WILL DISGRACE YOUR F**K ASS ON THIS PLATFORM. I AM ONLY AVAILABLE TO WORK WITH REAL PRODUCERS AND PRODUCTIONS. KPERE!!! I AM DONE KEEPING MUTE OVER THIS FUCKING PRODUCER’S.

I do this business for the love of entertaining my people, and also run my business aside and these producers want me to sacrifice my dignity for passion after sacrificing my time for my dream. How long will this continue in nollywood???? You want to have S*X as a condition before featuring an Actor whom you contacted and audition for a role???? Who does that??? It is alarming, Actors no longer attract respect to their career because of this puss* producers. Everyone sees actors as PROSTITUTES why???? Is this what we define as passion????

Been sick about this whole thing. I seek to invest in my own dream, henceforth I will shoot my own movies no matter how hard, I will do it for the love of my people, and also work for only serious minded producers. Say no to corrupt nollywood. Let’s encourage our youths.”

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