Urine therapy: Meet the woman who claims drinking your own pee is a recipe for good health (video)

A woman who has been drinking her own pee and rubbing it on her face for over a decade claims it improves her skin and overall health.

Ruby Karyo, 30, has been gulping down her morning urine and spritzing it on her face since she was 19 years old.

The controversial practice, known as ‘urine therapy’ has made Ruby the source of much derision, but she’s determined to spread the word.

The writer, from Maryland, US, has even persuaded her boyfriend to try drinking his pee to quell his hair loss.

“My dad told me about urine therapy when I was 19-years-old,” said Ruby, a mother-of-one. “He said ‘if you want to be a beauty queen use it on your face and your body.’

“When I wake up I rub my morning pee onto my face and use it like a moisturiser, you can leave it on for a couple of hours, or leave it on all day. Every night when you go to sleep you can put it on your face.

“For the first few days your face might look a bit raw, because all the impurities will come out, but then it will become clear. “It’s good for healing scars and pimples,” she claimed. “I pee into a travel spray bottle and then spray it into my hands and then rub it onto my face.

“I also drink about five ounces of morning pee about twice a week. My skin glows when I use it, I took a break from it a while back and my skin began to look dull.

“I feel younger and I look younger when I use it. People don’t want to talk about it, they think it’s disgusting, but then they go and eat things like hot dogs, and they have no idea what is in hot dogs.

“We know what urine contains and everything that is in urine is essential for the body. I want to bring light to the fact that it can change your life without using all the chemicals that are in store-bought products.”

Ruby started dating her boyfriend Brian Offenburger, a 56-year-old machine operator, in January of this year, when he was already beginning to go bald.

She claims that after just two months of drinking his own pee Brian’s hair started to grow back.

“We have before and after pictures to prove it,” she said. “He started seeing the difference about a month ago, after being consistent.”

Ruby claims that maintaining a healthy, vegetarian diet while using urine therapy is important to maximize the “benefits.”

You need to put pure things into your body while you are doing it,” she said. “It’s advised that you shouldn’t smoke either.”

But medical experts are not convinced about the practice. Speaking previously to NBC, Dr Comilla Sasson said said there’s no scientific evidence to prove urine therapy is helpful, and it could, in fact, be harmful because of the bacteria.

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