A Facebook man removes biscuit wrap “waterproof” from his son’s Nostril.


The man identified as Emmanuel Ugoo took to his Facebook profile to narrate how he removed biscuit wrap “waterproof” from his son’s Nostril.

According to him , his little boy came back from school on wensday and complained about biscuit inside his nostril , after checking his nostrils and didn’t find anything inside ,he felt it was nothing serious .

He was surprised when his son woke him up on Sunday morning complaining about the same thing but with pains this time. He checked again and this time , he saw a whitish thing inside his right nostril . Fortunately , he had a first Aid kit at home and with the help of his wife, he removed a biscuit wrap from the young boy’s nostril.

On facebook he wrote ,

This my advice to parents of little kids that attends school,always listen to ur kids no matter what nonsense the tell u. My kid came back from school on Wednesday and told me pappi (that what he calls me ) biscuits is in my nose. I checked thinking It was just a biscuit it will dissolve. This morning SUNDAY, he woke me up and said again pappi biscuit is in my nose I become worried. Now I have to check and suck his nose and saw this whitish thing in his right nose . I was shocked I was planning to take him to hospital and give him some injection due to his was struggling and not allowing me to get access to the object, but finally I have some of my first aid kit at home with the help of my wife, i have to hold him down and remove this full biscuit waterproof from his nose it has stay there for 4 days and he has started having fever this morning. I thank God for his mercy. #schoolteacherstakenote#

Biscuit wrap
Biscuit wrap “waterproof”
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