“I was humiliated by Onye Eze and his Boys,No police man handcuffed me”…Blessing_ceo.


Blessing Ceo breaks down in tears, as she threatens to commit suicide.

After been humiliated for taking pictures in a stolen house, the founder of Break or make it has taken to her Instagram page to say she was not arrested by policemen but Onye Eze’s men handcuffed and humiliated her for no offence.

She further said her life is being threatened if she speaks the truth but she rather die while saying the truth than remain silent.

Alot of the things have gone wrong and they told me to keep quiet or they gonna kill me .I would rather prefer to die and tell my story than die being quiet for nothing . I was not arrested by any police officer.No police officer handcuffed me and humiliated me. It was Onye Eze that sent his Boys…Blessing laments .

Watch video below;

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