Male teacher in Sokoto arrested for raping his male students and pimping them to others.


The male teacher, Murtala Mode who is a teacher at the Alamajiri school in Arkilla, was arrested after some of his male students confessed to how he has been constantly raping them.

The victims, aged between 4 and 15, also said the teacher collects money from some external homosexual clients and forces them to submit themselves to sexual acts.

When he was arrested and interrogated, the teacher confessed to only having carnal knowledge of 3 minors in the school but about 6 pupils have admitted to him having forcefully sexual intercourse with them.

The six victims are now under the custody of Save The Child Initiative Sokoto, while Muslim Lawyers Association of Nigeria, MULAN, Sokoto branch provides food for them.

The suspect further said what he did “was destined by god to happen”

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