Man kills wife weeks after she made a post on Facebook encouraging couples to make their relationship work.


The lady was killed by her husband after she caught him cheating and decided to confront him.

The deceased, Tynell, made a post on Facebook in April, telling couples to always make their marriage work no matter the situation.

According to the suspect, Jason, he said his wife confronted him after she found a pack of condom in his pocket and during their heated argument, she grabbed a knife and scratched his face with her fingers.

He later was able to snatch the knife from her forcefully, and in an act of rage, he choked her with one hand while stabbing her with the other.

Following his arrest, Jason Lindsey, also said it was during the struggle with his wife that their 8-year-old son heard his mother screaming and rushed into the room where he saw what was happening and ran out to put a call through to 911.

The Couple and their kids

Jason said he fought her off because she attacked him with a knife. He said he was only defending himself. He has since been arrested and detained.

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