Moment overzealous female fan tries to grab Nick Jonas’ crotch at Jonas Brothers Concert (Video)


An overzealous female fan of the Jonas Brothers harassed singer Nick Jonas during their concert in L.A this week.

The female fan who was standing behind Nick during his performance with his brothers Kevin and Joe was filmed repeatedly groping him and even tried to reach for his Crotch.

When a security guard spotted the fan and tried to stop her, a visibly embarrassed Nick turned around and gave the fan a stern look.

 Moment overzealous female fan tries to grab Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is yet to address the incident, but many of his followers have criticized the fan for groping the singer who is married to actress Priyanka Chopra .

‘This probably ruined his whole night. It’s never okay to sexually assault someone, let alone in front of literally thousands of people??’ one person wrote.

Two other disgusted followers added, ‘Scary and creepy’ and ‘This is just disgusting,’ respectively.

Another person wrote: ‘This is honestly so hard to watch. Can they not get it through their heads that Nick is clearly uncomfortable as he turns back to look at them and tried to swat their hand away?’ the disgusted fan began.

‘Ugh, this is not how you should treat them. They’re people just like us who don’t need to feel violated.’

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