Twitter Lady celebrates being 40 and unmarried


The Twitter user took to her page to celebrate being 40 and unmarried.

According to her, nothing has changed for her as she had no new plans of being in a relationship. She advised women to be happy no matter their relationship status at a particular age.

In her words, she wrote;

I am officially a “statistic” – one of those strong independent women who is unmarried at 40. I am a statistic and I didn’t die. What glorious unexpected joy.

Stop being afraid. Live. Life does not take instructions from you, despite what you’ve been taught.

I honestly don’t know what made the realisation so joyous for me. Nothing fundamental shifted. No new decisions or plans. Still no pressure for a relationship. I think it’s just the peace that comes from accepting the fact, instead of avoiding it in my head.

PS: Today is NOT my birthday oh.

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