A young boy locked up in chains by step mom and father rescued (video)

A 9-year- old boy who was chained by his stepmother and father has been rescued.

The incident happened in Abia.

It was gathered that the boy lost his mum at birth and has been living with his father and stepmother who subjected him to inhumane treatment.

Gwamnishu Harrison shared the video online and wrote


While the Girl-Child is sexually abused, the boychild is not left out too. Both genders are in danger 🚸,molested in one way or the other.

This boy lost his mother at birth and has been constantly subjected to inhumane treatment by his own father and stepmother who are meant to be his guardians.

I can’t do much on this case as I have no shelter for the poor boy. I have written to the Government to set up a Safe Home/Assault Centre for victims.

Call on your State Government to look into our long-term plan in safeguarding our children.

I have also forwarded all details to my team in Abia to pick up the boy and hand over to Ministry of Women Affairs.

Abuse and neglect hit kids hard and abused children are in no shape to defend their rights. BBI and other passionate Nigerians are always here to stand in the gap and represent their interest.

There is no justification for this act.


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