Facebook Lady narrates how her 5-month-old baby resurrected back to life.


The Facebook user, Emike Thelma Okeke, took to her Facebook account to share her testimony on how her 5-month-old baby was resurrected back to life after she died.

She wrote;

“You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; You have put off my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness”.Psalm 30:11.

Often times, testimonies becomes too heavy for us to share; but when it’s a bad news, it goes viral. This one, I must testify. I must let the whole world know that this God has not changed. I must confess that the power of resurrection is REAL & still very much @ work. I must testify what this Great God has done for my family.
On the 5th of June 2018, my little princess who was 5months and 2wks old then, had fever, & was stooling @ the same time. She was taken to the hospital the next day(6th) where she was admitted. As though the sickness was getting worse through the night, the drip was dripping and stopping intermittently. Little did I know it was her organs failing gradually. In the afternoon the next day, being 7TH OF JUNE 2018(the D day), @ about 3pm, while sitting beside her waiting for the nurse to come and check the drip which had stopped again, I heard a voice ” Pray”. I looked around the ward wondering whose voice it was, and the voice repeated “pray”. @ that point, I knew the Lord was talking to me. So I said ” thank you Jesus, I will pray, but let me wait for the nurse to finish attending to the drip because I wouldn’t want her to interrupt my prayers”. This time, the voice came in a little harsh tune “I’m asking you to pray, and you are here giving excuses”.I quickly apologized & started praying. I was still praying when the nurse came in, so I concluded and watched her do her job; but the drip still did not work(NB. the vein /drip line did not tissue, nor was there any medical reason as to why the drip stopped). When the nurse went out to get more equipment, the Lord spoke to me again saying “pray, this is beyond what you can see”. Then I looked up to heaven and said “Lord, I do not know what the problem is, but God, take control; and immediately the drip started running. Before I could touch the drip regulator, the nurse returned and did it herself. While she was doing the needful, without any reason, I carried my baby and then noticed she was having slight fever. So I asked the nurse to check her temperature. Before I could finish speaking, my baby started stretching and struggling for her life. Right in my arms, I helplessly watched my daughter battling for life and in very few seconds she closed her eyes unto death. I thought I was dreaming, but then, the nurse took her from me, and I saw the doctors and nurses running helter skelter. I watched the medical team try their best to revive her, all to no avail. Then the worse dawned on me when they placed her on oxygen which yet confirmed the negative. At that very minute, I felt lactation, and a tiny voice whispered, “she just crossed over”, and I responded ” No way”! Immediately, I ran back to her lifeless body almost pushing down the doctors and nurses and started prophesying to her. I was calling her name, begging her to come & suck, and I pleaded with the doctors and nurses to help me call her back that my breast milk was running. The nurses with tears in their eyes tried to console me, and pleaded with me to go out and stay away from the dead baby. Then it dawned on me that it was a reality. My spirit immediately became very angry and I shouted, “NO WAY, THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE”. I was so furious, and the only thing that came to my mind was ” if she leaves here, she is going back to heaven. Pray and tell God to send her back”. With these words in my heart, I became confident and needed someone who could join me in faith to pray. I thought of my husband, my mum, or my sister but somehow, I felt these persons might become too emotional for what my spirit needed. So I quickly called my God mother, Prophetess Ogochukwu Ufomadu, told her the situation, and ended the call before she could even speak.
As I stepped out of the ward, I saw other women/mothers who out of fear ran out of the ward with their sick babies carrying their children. Then the reality hit my head again. Some of those women were crying, and others were praying. But because I didn’t want to hear cry at that point in time, I just moved to a quiet corner and started praying. With so much confidence in my heart, I prayed to God and reminded him of his promises to me in which burying my child isn’t part of it. I reminded God of all his promises which I’ve read in my bible, and those I’ve heard. In all these promises, I reminded this faithful God whom my bible tells me in Heb 6:18 ” that by two immutable things God cannot lie”, and because he said I shall not die, my daughter shall not die(PSA. 118:17). I reminded Him who said in Matt 24:35 that ” heaven and earth will pass away, but his word will remain”, that his word promised me,in John10:10 ” that I may have life, even more abundantly”. I told God so many things. I remember telling Jesus Christ of his finished work on the cross which had paid the debt for premature death in my life and family (John 19:30″It is finished”). I reminded the God of all flesh whom nothing takes unawares that He saw this coming and asked me to pray earlier and that I know His ears are not deaf to hear me(Ish 59:1). While I was praying, I felt a cooled wind of peace on my head going into my heart. Then I heard “start calling her back, call her name”. I obeyed and started calling her; “Chikambelu Peniel Emike please come back to me. Please come back to mummy, Kambel please come back to daddy and Chimkasimma your brother; we love you so much and cannot afford to loose you. Oh’ my heart pierced a million times when I told her how I cannot answer Kasimma if he should ask me mummy, where is my baby Kambel? I called her name so many times and told her all my heart could interpret @ that moment. I called my princess and promised her all I could think of. I kept calling her name, and turning my promises and plea into prayer, when the voice whispered again “be thankful, God is with you”. So I started praising God, and was still begging him for a miracle.
In less than 5mins, a nurse screamed ” Mrs. Emike, Mrs. Emike, come, come, Mrs. Emike come. You could imagine my race at that point. As I ran into the ward, I heard a baby’s voice crying and when I looked up, it was my Chikambelu Peniel Emike crying.
God came down in his GLORY and called her MIRACLE. Today, her name is Chikambelu Miracle-Peniel Emike.The doctors and nurses were all amazed, and so was everyone around. More people came from different places to see the MIRACLE WORK OF GOD.

Thank you for spending your time reading this.
Her recovery pictures.

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