“Where will I find a woman who will fry plantain without eating one,for marriage” — Nigerian man cries out .


A Facebook user ,Joro Olumofin shared an email from a man who is looking for a lady to marry.

According to the man , he is looking for a woman who will fry plantain without being tempted to eat one.He said all the ladies he has met no one passed the test because they are not disciplined and can easily fall into temptation .

Read his post below;

Hello Joro where will I find a woman who will pass my wife material test. No girl has ever passed this test. I’m getting old. I want to marry. Please share on your blog joro.

This is the test; So I invite a girl to my place and ask her to fry plantain. If she can’t fry all the plantain and not eat 1 she is not a wife material. So many have failed this test. Some eat about 9 pieces before it’s ready.

-She lacks Discipline
-She will fall for temptation easily
-And she can’t maintain resource well.

It’s very simple test but all girls keep failing. Why can’t it be easy not to fry and not eat 1. I prayed about it today in morning mass. Where is this girl? Are you out there

Well we think he is not ready to marry yet because being able to resist the temptation of eating plantain during frying doesn’t make a woman a “wife material”.

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