TRENDING: 33-year-old boy kills a prostitute after having s*x with her, attempts to dispose her body .


33-year-old Oladipo Oyefemi nabbed by the local vigilantes as he tries to dump the body of a hooker, 24-year-old Patience Musa, he allegedly killed after having s*x with her.

Oladipo, a construction worker, picked the girl at West of Mines area of Jos, at midnight on May 31,2019 , for a “one night stand ” with both of them agreeing on a fee of N3000 for the night.

Patience Musa and Oladipo Oyefemi
Patience .

For a reason not disclosed ,Oladipo allegedly stabbed her repeatedly, killing her right inside his apartment.

It was gathered that he tried to dispose her body but was apprehended by the local vigilantes.

The family lawyer of the deceased , Mr Ralph Monye, revealed that the body of Patience has stab wounds on the breast, heart, neck and other parts which shows she was strangled to death.

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