“Set Your Ovaries Free And Bear More Children” -Tanzanian President


The President of Tanzania Mr John Magufuli has called on Tanzanian women to set their ovaries free and bear more children so as to help boost the economy into a regional powerhouse.

According to him,

When you have a big population you build the economy. That’s why China’s economy is so huge.

He cited India and Nigeria as other examples of countries that have improve from a demographic dividend.

I know that those who like to block ovaries will complain about my remarks. Set your ovaries free, let them block theirs.

John Magufuli stated this to a gathering of people in his native home, Chato.

Magufuli came into office in 2015, and has launched an industrialisation campaign that has helped pushed economic growth, which has averaged six to seven per cent annually in recent years.

But to him, a higher birth rate would ensure rapid growth.

Tanzania has sustained relatively high growth, averaging 6–7 per cent a year, over the past decade.

Opposition leaders in Tanzania have however criticised his position, stating that Tanzania already has rapid population which is a time bomb, ready to explode, judging from the scarce resources available.

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